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Legal Information

Radio Free Abattoir is a brand name of SlagHuis Inc., based in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

SlagHuis Inc. maintains and is responsible for the "Radio Free Abattoir" (RFA) on-demand audio web cast and the on-demand video show "Into the Abattoir" (ITA). All material featured on RFA, ITA and the "free MP3 downloads" are provided by the copyright holder(s) and/or licensor to SlagHuis Inc. in accordance with our terms posted at http://www.radiofreeabattoir.com/rfa-submissions.shtml and/or http://www.radiofreeabattoir.com/mp3-submission.shtml.

Any other links to streaming and/or downloadable audio, video and playlist files and/or embedded media players on this site and which are not hosted by SlagHuis Inc. are provided as a portal and/or streaming media service to customers and/or partners of SlagHuis Inc.. SlagHuis Inc.'s contract with these entities stipulates that they and only they are responsible for licensing agreements and any other issues related to the dissemination of copyrighted material. In other words, we're the service provider, not the broadcaster. Questions, complaints and notifications of copyright violations should be sent to abuse @ slaghuis.net.

Visitors of this site and the members' site are advised of the following:

  • The use of third-party software to "record" streaming audio/video web casts from this site to listen to RFA/ITA at a later time may be legal in your country/locale. Or it may not. We cannot advise you on this.

  • However, if you do record RFA and/or ITA, legally or otherwise, you are expressly forbidden to publicly transmit, broadcast, publish, disseminate or otherwise use, sell, rent or feature any and all material from this site in any way. Ditto for text, images, layout and anything and everything else published on any web site maintained, operated or edited by SlagHuis Inc.

  • Free, downloadable and legally distributed MP3 files are provided by the copyright holder(s) and/or licensor via SlagHuis Inc. to you. You may not make copies of these files (except for your own private use) or distribute them further.

In accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America, violators of these terms and the rights of SlagHuis Inc. will be prosecuted.

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