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Radio Free Abattoir 9.00 - December 2007 / RFA DJ: SamSam
RFA Archives > Audio > RFA 9.00

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"Right" by Fall of Snow
(All songs will play randomly.)  
32Crash: www.Hide BE
Avenue in Oceania: The Love Story US/CA
Clan of Xymox: She's Dangerous DE
Crisk: Meine Stadt DE
Dawn of Ashes: The Crypt Injection US/CA
Destroid: Cover Your Ears DE
Diary of Dreams: Hypo)cryptiK(al DE
Fall of Snow: It's Not Right US/OR
Fallen Tears: Other Voices IT
Heimataerde: Heimataerde DE
Helalyn Flowers: DGTal Blood IT
I:Scintilla: Cursive Eye US/IL
Kenji Siratori: Cyber Reptile JP
Leaether Strip: Lovehate DE
London After Midnight: Nothing's Sacred US/CA
Lucretia's Daggers: Drawn & Quartered US/MA
Mary Pastorius: Hairdu  US/FL
"Voluntary Coincidence" by Helalyn Flowers
"From Then Until Almost Now" by Mary Pastorius 
"Optics" from I:Scintilla 
"Violent Acts of Beauty" by London After Midnight

* Denotes a track that is no longer available.

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