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The Best of RFA 2004:

The Best of Radio Free Abattoir 2004:
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Welcome to Radio Free Abattoir. "Online & On-Demand. And Only From The SlagHuis!"

Radio Free Abattoir 1.05 - August, 1999

Bella Morte: Where Shadows Lie
Bella Morte: The Dawning US/VA
The Immortal Chorus: I Got a Reason US/TN
The Last Dance: Mystery US/CA
All Living Fear: What If UK
The Horatii: Heroin Lite UK
This Vale of Tears: Killing an Arab BE
Manuskript: Tranquiliser UK
Mantra: Every Defect UK
Battery: Aftermath US/CA
The Creatures: Pinned Down * UK
My Scarlet Life: Ruby Kisses US/IL
The Chaos Engine: 888 UK
Man(i)kin: Victim UK
Headrops: Partita Metropolitana IT
Ozymandias: Longue marche vers la mort CH
The Last Dance: Staring at the Sky
The Horatii: Succour Punch This Vale of Tears: Adam Nude
Battery: Aftermath The Creatures: Eraser Cut
My Scarlet Life: Buzzbomb Ozymandius: Ahara



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