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The Best of RFA 2004:

The Best of Radio Free Abattoir 2004:
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Welcome to Radio Free Abattoir. "Online & On-Demand. And Only From The SlagHuis!"

Radio Free Abattoir 1.02 - July 1999

Sunday Munich: Pneuma
Sunday Munich: Ugly US/GA
Narcissus Pool:
Parishoner White's Nazi Stormtroopers
Discordia: Amaziah AU
Spahn Ranch: Anti-Body (Alternative Mix) ?
Orifice: Oddity US/MA
Spindle Shanks: Clever US/RI
Faith & the Muse: Annwyn, Beneath the Waves US/CA
The Breath of Life: Nightfall BE
The Shroud: Prophecy US/CA
The Immortal Chorus: Shovel and Faith US/TN
Rome Burns: Catharsis UK
Paris by Night: His Smile / All Goes US/TX
Battery: This Much (Hate Dept. Remix) US/CA
Sneaky Bat Machine: Trick or Treat UK
Faith & the Muse: Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
Narcissus Pool: Repressed Bitching EP The Shroud: A Dark Moon Night
Orifice: Gollywoggle Paris by Night: Jeanine
Spindle Shanks: Spindle Shanks Battery: Momentum EP




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