Radio Free Abattoir 8.04 - March 2006 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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(All songs will play randomly.)  
9xDead: Dead Nine Times  
Anders Manga: Glamour <<Buy MP3!>> US/NC
Angelspit: Infect AU
Artica: Roma Brucia IT
Attrition: Dante's Kitchen (Zena Remix) UK
Auto-Auto: Gloria SE
Bloodwire: Boardwater (Lilu's Bliss Mix) <<Buy MP3!>> US/CA
Bunker Soldier: My House in Order US/TX
Catfish Scar: Scarred UK/US
Caustic: Drag Show Gone Wrong US/WI
Cell Division: Dirge for the Doomed
(Zeraphine Remix)
<<Buy MP3!>>
Chemlab: Monkey God (Monkey Scratch Remix) UK
Collide: Like You Want to Believe (Live) US/CA
Concept 7: Corporation Tank UK
Corrision: No Answers UK
Curse Icon: Shine on Me <<Buy MP3!>> US/OH
Darling Hate: Gnosis <<Buy MP3!>> UK
De/Vision: E-Schock DE
Fall of Snow: Release Me US/CA
Flesh Eating Foundation: Freedumb UK
Flesh-Resonance: Sun Dog (Miasma Mix) <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Invisible Ballet: Everything I Am US/CA
kHz: Test My Faith <<Buy MP3!>> US/NY
Lizard Smile: Crashed BE
Minerve: My Universe (Club Mix) DE
Miss T & the Japanese Tourists: 1000 Kisses <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Neon Zoo: Darkest Dance UK
Penal Colony: Anomalous US/CA
SpiRitual: This Battle Is Yours DE
Still Life Decay: Infest <<Buy MP3!>> US/NY
The Cruxshadows: I Shot Tomorrow <<Buy MP3!>> US/FL
The Last Dance: Nightmares (Corvus Corax Remix) US/CA
Twenty Ripped Angel: Spread US/MD
Y-Luk-O: Fallen Down <<Buy MP3!>> DE
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