Radio Free Abattoir 8.03 - February 2006 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Lunascape: Mindstalking
(JD Sub's Solid Verzion) <<Buy MP3!>>
All:My:Faults: Gesenktes Haupt, Geschlosse Augen DE
The SlimP: Gloria DE
Flesh-Eating Foundation: Drained UK
Freudstein: Return to the Old Forest UK
High Blue Star: La Baila Demonica US/MN
Infinity Interrupt: Retnal Fetish US/IL
Lark Echo: Willing Machine FI
Android Lust: Hole Solution (Alternate Take) * US/NY
Bloodwire: Three Imaginary Boys US/CA
The Last Dance: Wonderlust (Heavy Current Mix) US/CA
Reincarnationfish: ShoppingTVBabes.Co.UK UK
Project Pitchfork: Abyss DE
Siva Six: Fire Walks with Me GR
Y-Luk-O: Resistance (Shut-Up Mix) <<Buy MP3!>> DE
The Evolutionaries: This World Is Ending US/NY
Stromkern: Stand Up (Army of Darkness Remix) US/WI
Aghast View: Infected <<Buy MP3!>> BR
Diverje: The Decline of the CD Generation <<Buy MP3!>> US/AZ
Lexincrypt: Victim Again <<Buy MP3!>> US/WA
Chemlab: Queen of Despair (Mnpltr Big Rock Mix) UK
Miss T & the Japanese Tourists: Sync (Demo) <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Lycia: Tongues (Remastered) US/AZ
Lunacy and Lullaby: Lunatic Moon US/NY
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* Denotes a track that is no longer available.

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