Radio Free Abattoir 8.02 - January 2006 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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Y-Luk-O: Resistance (Fearless Mix) <<Buy MP3!>> DE
Twenty Ripped Angel: Religious Infection US/MD
Ailanthus: Sirens Cry <<Buy MP3!>> US/NY
Fall of Snow: You Said Nothing US/CA
Darling Hurt: Never Feel the Same <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Steven Severin: Showdown <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Attrition: The Next Day (Live) <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Cell Division: Dirge for the Doomed
(Zeraphine Remix) <<Buy MP3!>>
Collide: White Rabbit (Live) US/CA
Butterfly Messiah: For Today * US/FL
Lark Echo: Large Ego FI
Catfish Scar: Save Me UK/US
Reptyle: Green Land DE
Screaming Banshee Aircrew: L*st in Space UK
Chemlab: Binary Nation (Kill Memory Remix) UK
Flesh-Eating Foundation UK
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All:My:Faults: Alles Ist Gesagt DE
Angelspit: Head Kult (Head Fuck Mix) AU
Angelwhore: Superman * US/NJ
Auto-Auto: Intro & Transdimensional SE
Battery: This Much (Hate Dept. Remix) * US/CA
Collection d'arnell~andrea: Deafening Breath FR
Deathwatch Beetle Repairman:
Drying in the Sun <<Buy MP3!>>
Ego Likeness: Wolves (Live) US/DC
Freudstein: Live This Lie <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Killing Miranda: Send in the Clowns UK
Kuma: Melodic Interlude US/WA
Lacrimosa: Alleine Zu Zweit CH/DE
Lunarclick: Circles US/CA
Needulhed: Prolificy * US/NY
Noxious Emotion: Indefinate & Unspecified * US/WA
Paris by Night: Black Darker * US/TX
Plot Device: Good Enough US/WA
Psycho Charger: Devilsnake <<Buy MP3!>> US/NY
Queen Mary: Come <<Buy MP3!>> US/FL
Sneaky Bat Machine: Boneshaker * UK
Temple of Rain: White Shade * US/CA
The Bloodsuit: The Last Nail US/CA
The Breath of Life: Worries BE
The Die Kur: Diamond Desease IT
The Horatii: She Bikini * UK
The Machine in the Garden: Control US/TX
Uninvited Guest: The Devil's Toolbox UK
Veronique Diabolique: Spleen US/NC
Wench: Salome's Dream * US/CA
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