Radio Free Abattoir 8.01 - January 2006 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Siva Six: In Extremis GR
Colt: Never Know UK
KMFDM: You're No Good US/WA
Spook House: Your Game US/FL
Project Pitchfork: Fleishverstarker DE
Out Out: Duchess (Her Royal Highness) <<Buy MP3!>> US/MA
Cesium 137: Frayed US/PA
VNV Nation: Chrome DE
Faetal: Darkness UK
Snuttock: Empty UK
The Sins: Love in Blood US/WA
The Birthday Massacre: Blue CA
Damage Effect: Equal Opportunity Hatred US/CA
Lunascape: Lane Navachi <<Buy MP3!>> BE
Ninth House: The Eye that Refuses to Blink US/NY
Particle Son: Hardwired US/OR
The Dreamside: Dreaming All of You <<Buy MP3!>> NL
Combichrist: I'm Happy Anywhere DE
Enc0der: Get Over <<Buy MP3!>> US/NC
Chiasm: Rewind (Floating Tears Mix) US/MI
Collapsing New People: This Is the Beginning of the End AT
Fockewolf: Beauty Masked Sorrow US/WA
Flesh Field: Epiphany US/OH
Laibach: Opus Dei SI
Beborn Beton: Hemoglobin DE
Wench: Heart of Darkness US/CA
Queen Mary: Playing with Fire <<Buy MP3!>> US/FL
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KMFDM: Hau Ruck
Siva Six: Rise New Flesh
VNV Nation: Matter and Form

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