Radio Free Abattoir 8.00 - January 2006 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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(All songs will play randomly.)  
Attrition: Dreamcatcher (Live) UK
Battery: Strike (Negative Impact Remix) US/CA
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: All Tomorrow's Parties (Live) US/CA
Butterfly Messiah: With Roses US/FL
Concrete Blonde: The A Road US/CA
IllegalTeenageBikini: Massive, Massive Object
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Jarboe: #7 US/GA
Screaming Banshee Aircrew: Uproot Them UK
Skeleteen: Not This Time US/CA
Skintrade: Ethical US/FL
Swarf: Sorrow UK
The Ghost of Lemora: To the Gods that Walk Amongst Us UK
Twenty Ripped Angel: Sixth US/MD
Voltaire: Crusade US/NY
Wednesday's Child: Crazy on You (Alternate Mix) US/FL
Concrete Blonde: Mojave
Butterfly Messiah: Eternal
Twenty Ripped Angel: Days Full of Night

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