Radio Free Abattoir 6.21 - December 16, 2005 / RFA DJ: SamSam
It's a dark, dark Christmas.

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(All songs will play randomly.)  
Analog Missionary: Lilith US/AL
Analog Missionary: The Plague US/AL
Android Lust: Sex & Mutilation US/NY
Colt: Death & Sequins UK
Combichrist: Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood DE
Cut: Bare Bones IT
Dance Planet X: Winter Wonderland Unplugged
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Deathwatch Beetle Repairman: Season of the Dead
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Deita Klaus: Gothic Gospel US/CA
Doomsday Virus: Gods & Idols US/NY
Esoterica: Salvation UK
Formula Redux: Subliminal Suicide US/FL
Freudstein: Intro (Filthy Little Whore Part 1) UK
Freudstein: Mark of the Devil << Buy MP3! >> UK
Icon of Coil: Love as Blood (Implant Remix) NO
Ikon: Heresy AU
Jill Tracy: Evil Night Together US/CA
Kooper Kain: The Ghosts of Desert Twilight CA
Kuma: Welcome to Hell US/WA
Leather Strip: Evil Speaks DE
Lunascape: Severed Heart BE
Ninth House: The Company You'll Keep US/NY
Otto's Daughter: Scars US/CA
Out Out: Antidote Serum (New Edit) << Buy MP3! >> US/MA
Particle Son: Heaven's Fall US/OR
Project Pitchfork: Merry-Go-Round to Hell DE
Psyche: Bloodcurse DE
Psycho Charger: Redneck Zombies << Buy MP3! >> US/NY
Queen Mary: The Damned << Buy MP3! >> US/FL
Rachel Stamp: The Witches of Angelwholm UK
Reptyle: (And the Devil Said) Because DE
Scary Bitches: I'm the Woman that Killed
Jack the Ripper (Remix)
The Birthday Massacre: Horror Show CA
The Dreamside: Nocturnal << Buy MP3! >> NL
The Last Dance: Nightmares
(Corvus Corax Mix) << Buy MP3! >>
The Mission UK: Last Beat of My Heart UK
The Sins: Devil Behind the Door US/WA
Twenty Ripped Angel: Kindly Blow My Head Away US/MD
Uninvted Guest: When You're Dead << Buy MP3! >> UK
Veronique Diabolique: L'abattoir US/NC
Virtual Space Industrial: Bad Dream PL
Zeitgeist Zero: Bride of Frankenstein << Buy MP3! >> UK
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Twenty Ripped Angel: Sincerely Yours

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