Radio Free Abattoir 6.18 - November 2005 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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Celebrating 10 Years of Dancing Ferret Discs & Noir Records!
All songs will play randomly.)

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Part 1:  
Carfax Abbey: Cry Little Sister US/PA
Ego Likeness: Wolves <<Buy MP3!>> US/DC
Gothminister: Dark Salvation NO
Lunascape: Mindstalking
(Dave Aude Extended Vocal) <<Buy MP3!>>
Neuroticfish: The Bomb DE
Paralysed Age: Bloodsucker 2000 <<Buy MP3!>> DE
The Cruxshadows: Marilyn, My Bitterness
(2.0 Radio Edit) <<Buy MP3!>>
The Dreamside: Spin Moon Magic <<Buy MP3!>> NL
The Last Dance (featuring Tina Root):
Wish Me Closer <<Buy MP3!>>
Part 2:  
Carfax Abbey: Losing Face US/PA
Ego Likeness: Second Skin <<Buy MP3!>> US/DC
Eisbrecher: Willkommen Im Nichts DE
Lunascape: Tears from the Moon <<Buy MP3!>> BE
Paralysed Age: Berenice <<Buy MP3!>> DE
The Cruxshadows: Foreverlast
(Single Version) <<Buy MP3!>>
The Dreamside (featuring Rogue):
 Open Your Eyes <<Buy MP3!>>
The Last Dance:
Oops, I Did It Again (TLD Version) <<Buy MP3!>>
Part 3:  
Absurd Minds: A Stride Through Time DE
Behind the Scenes: Human (Single Version) DE
Ego Likeness: 16 Miles <<Buy MP3!>> US/DC
Lunascape: Lane Navachi (Dreamside Remix) <<Buy MP3!>> BE
Paralysed Age: Nocturne <<Buy MP3!>> DE
The Cruxshadows: Dragonfly <<Buy MP3!>> US/FL
The Dreamside: The Divine <<Buy MP3!>> NL
The Last Dance: Secrets <<Buy MP3!>> US/CA
ThouShaltNot: Without Faith <<Buy MP3!>> US/PA
Part 4:
Faun: Sirena <<Buy MP3!>> DE
Corvus Corax: Mille Anni Passi Sunt DE
Estampie: A Voi Gente DE
Irfan: Oktrovenie BG
Qntal: Indescrete DE
Qntal: Vedes Amigo DE
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