Radio Free Abattoir 6.17 - October 2005 / RFA DJ: Mar & SamSam

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The Plastic Fantastics
The Plastic Fantasticks: So Far Away US/NY
The Last Dance: Secrets US/CA
The Ghost of Lemora: The Glamour UK
Collapsing New People: Burning Flags AT
Out Out: Admire the Question (Naive Mix) <<Buy MP3!>> US/MA
XP8: Bleed and Shout IT
Anguisette: Indefinite US/WA
The Dreamside: Spin Moon Magic NL
Shard: Die Happy Picnic UK
Screaming for Emily: Deepen Yourself   US/NJ
Flesh-Resonance: Sun Dog 2004  <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Collide: Euphoria (Tears Mix) US/CA
Angelspit: Nurse Grenade AU
Unbecoming: Covered (Live) <<Buy MP3!>> US/FL
Girls Under Glass: I'm Alive DE
Icon of Coil: Floorkiller (2004 Version) NO
Ikon: Without Shadows AU
Auto-Auto: Queen of Flies SE
Doomsday Virus: Drowned US/NY
Venus Virus: Could You US/CA
Kristeen Young: Rotting on the Vine US/PA
Walking Bicycles: Killing Time US/IL
Mortiis: Monolith NO
Colt: Envy UK
Das Ich: Der Schrei (Eurocide Remix) <<Buy MP3!>> DE
Alice's Wonder: Dreams Drugs & Alcohol US/FL
Qntal: Amor Volat DE
Queen Mary: October US/FL
Japanese Showcase: Part 2  
Selia: L'eraclito Amoroso JP
Hitomi: Torikago-kaeru Beki Basyo JP
Zombie Lolita: Blood JP
Sino: 02 (1000 Limited Remix) JP
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The Dreamside: Spin Moon Magic
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Auto-Auto: Sounds of a New Generator
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Various Artists: Spec<i>men

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