Radio Free Abattoir 6.16 - October 2005 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Featured Artists:  
Out Out:  Never Tell  (New Mix): <<Buy MP3!>> US/MA
Attrition:  The Next Day (Re-Visited) <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Red 7 Fury: One Thing <<Buy MP3!>> US/NJ
I:Scintilla: Imitation <<Buy MP3!>> US/IL
The following songs will be played in random order:  
Snuttock: I US/MD
Carfax Abbey: Ketamine US/FL
Faetal: Bad Orb UK
Siva Six: Rise New Flesh IT
Screaming For Emily: Deity US/NJ
Gothminister: Leviathan NO
Deita Klaus: Vanity Faire US/CA
GASR: Slavemaster US/MA
Kooper Kain: Ever Wished CA
Lunascape: Lane Navachi BE
Ninth House: The Eye that Refuses to Blink US/NY
Particle Son: Hardwired US/OR
Project Pitchfork: The Future Is Now DE
Spookhouse: Your Game US/FL
The Birthday Massacre: Playdead CA
The Dreamside: The Feast Is Set NL
The Last Dance: Wish Me Closer US/CA
Flesh-Resonance: Spirits Cast In Stone <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Lifeblud: Soul  <<Buy MP3!>> ZA
Collapsing New People: Song Without Words AT
Karmanaut: Illuminate UK
XP8: Our Being IT
Fockewolfe: Everything Becomes Ash US/WA
Sundealers: Gun Crazy UK
Dreamchild: Tango For Frida US/MA
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Faetal: Sic
The Dreamside: Spin Moon Magic
Project Pitchfork: Kaskade

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