Radio Free Abattoir 6.15 - September 2005 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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Prism Records Presents: Spec<i>men -- A compilation of Japanese dark alternative artists
The Japanese Showcase Pt. 1:  
101A: Miranda Lethal Weapon JP
JLHA: St. Ka-non JP
Red Sun: GGG JP
No Holds Barred: The End of the World JP
The following songs will be played in random order:  
Alice's Wonder: Pig US/FL
Sapphire Rebellion: House of Lies US/FL
X-VorteX: Drain Me US/FL
Out Out: Blacklist (New Mix) US/MA
Amber Asylum: The Garden of Love US/CA
Analog Missionary: This (Can't Be Happening) US/AL
Android Lust: Kingdom of One US/NY
Auto-Auto: Dog SE
Beat Assassins: Goin' Crazy 2 US/TX
Damage Effect: Pressurehead US/CA
Effcee: She Sells Sanctuary US/CA
Flatline Transmissions: The Blackest Heart US/CA
Freudstein: Robots Pt. 2 - Murder Spate UK
GASR: New Society US/??
Ikon: Ashes of Blue AU
kHz: Let It Go US/NY
Kooper Kain: Grave CA
Live Not on Evil: Crown of Souls US/PA
Living with Eating Disorders: Envy UK
Lunascape: Mindstalking (Tapping the Vein Remix) BE
Ninth House: The Ghost in You US/NY
Otto's Daughter: Fistful of Lies US/CA
Otto von Shirach: The Kotex Neero US/FL
Particle Son: Anthem for a New Tomorrow US/OR
Project Pitchfork: The Present DE
Rachel Stamp: Queen of the Universe UK
The Birthday Massacre: Happy Birthday CA
The Dreamside: Forsaken NL
The Last Dance: Distantly US/CA
Tin Omen: Pinpoint UK
Twenty Ripped Angel: Somewhere in You US/MD
Velvetron: Lucretia My Reflection IE
Veronique Diabolique: Spleen US/NC
Wednesday's Child: Prisoners of Love US/FL
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Android Lust: The Divding
Ikon: Destroying the World to Save It
Twenty Ripped Angel: Days Full of Night
Lunascape: Mindstalking

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