Radio Free Abattoir 6.14 - September 2005 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Icon of Coil: Uploaded and Remixed
Icon of Coil: Everything is Real (Isle of Crows Remix) NO
Mindless Self Indulgence: 1989 US/NY
KMFDM: Ready to Blow US/WA
kHz: Test My Faith US/NY
Concrete Blonde: Snakes US/CA
Ikon: My Crucible AU
Lifeblud: Lost in Translation <<Buy MP3!>> ZA
Bunker Soldier: Warlocked US/TX
Corvus Corax: Filii Neidhardi DE
Juno Reactor: Mona Lisa Overdrive JP
Red 7 Fury: Red Velvet Sky (Remix v.1.5) <<Buy MP3!>> US/NJ
Funkervogt: No Tomorrow DE
Laibach: Geburt Einer Nation SI
Zeitgeist Zero: Beast Under My Bed UK
The Birthday Massacre: Horror Show CA
Kuma: Dunes US/WA
Waterproof Blonde: Hold Me Down US/KY
Barbarellatones: Tarot Cards US/HI
Screaming for Emily: Thorns US/NJ
Trauma Pet: You Cannot Feel This UK
Der Eremit: Lichtbringer (Muttermilch III) CH
Arkam Asylum: Soho Argento UK
Panzer AG: Behind a Gasmask NO
Plastic Noise Experience: Vad DE
Snuttock: Like You US/MD
Hocico: Bizarre Words MX
kHz - Reality on a Finer Scale
KMFDM: Hau Ruck
Buy this MP3! Lifeblud: Open
Buy this MP3! Red 7 Fury: The Strength Inside
Laibach: Anthems

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