Radio Free Abattoir 6.13 - September 2005 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Juno Reactor: Labyrinth
Chiasm: Needle US/MI
Collapsing New People: Regressive Attack AT
Goldfrapp: Forever (Mountaineers Mix) UK
Effcee: Perfect US/CA
Fixmer & McCarthy: Freefall DE
XP8: Flatline IT
The Last Dance: Silently She (Fallen Between Mix) US/CA
Age of Reason: Age of Reason UK
Angelspit: Meat AU
Flesh Field: The Collapse US/OH
SMP: Bloodstains US/WA
Noise Unit: Liberation US/VA
Laibach: Die Liebe SI
Juno Reactor: War Dogs JP
The Quantum Dots: The Auction DE
Revolver Modele: An Instant US/MN
Dance Planet X: Secrets US/FL
Fockewolf: Crematoria US/WA
I:Scintilla: The Bells <<Buy MP3!>> US/IL
Swarf: Subtext UK
Qntal: Indiscrete DE
Jill Tracy: Extraordinary US/CA
Her Next Friend: Rain Days US/VA
Mind In A Box: Dead End DE
Collapsing New People: Collapsing New Worlds
I:Scintilla : The Approach
Dance Planet X : Dance Planet X
SMP: Crimes of the Future

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