Radio Free Abattoir 6.12 - September 2005 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Collide : Vortex
Bella Morte : The Rain Within Her Hands US/VA
Blind Before Dawn : Strangers US/CA
Collide : Wings of Steel US/CA
Coph Nia : The Hall of Truth SE
Darkseed : Rain of Revival DE
Darkseed : Where Will I Go DE
Der Eremit : Lightbringer CH
Evereve : Along Comes A Fool DE
Evereve : X-istence (I'm Free) DE
Goldfrapp : Train UK
Immortal Chorus : Long Hard Road US/TN
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio : In High Heels Through
Nights of Broken Glass
The Cruxshadows : Binary US/FL
The Last Dance : Terribly When US/CA
Xandria: Mermaids DE

Members' Exclusive! The "Lost" Portugal Show!
(Random Set)

The Last Dance : Staring at The Sky
Xandria : Ravenheart

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