Radio Free Abattoir 6.10 - August 2005 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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RFA 6.10 is the first time we've created a random playlist -- of 71 tracks!!!
Miss T & the Japanese Tourists:
Killing Me <<Buy MP3!>>
Dance Planet X:
Kiss Them for Me <<Buy MP3!>>
Freudstein: Live This Lie  <<Buy MP3!>> Age of Reason: Public Property
Assemblage 23: Ground Avoidance of Doubt: Time
Bella Morte: Final Words Bleak Track: The Letter
Black Tape for a Blue Girl:
Indefinable, Yet...
Illegal Teenage Bikini:
Larger than the Sky
Blue Birds Refuse to Fly: The Letter Cell Division: Emperor of Small Emotions
Concept 7: Funeral Concrete Concrete Blonde: Ghostriders in the Sky
Curse Icon: Falling Death by Visitation of God: Strangeways
Deathboy: Music to Crash Cars to Effcee: Gentle Devastation
Der Eremit: Die Wahrheit Eisbrecher: Angst
Ego Likeness: Hurricane Feeling Numb: New
Fashionista: 40 Seconds Formula Redux: Rise
Fixmer & McCarthy: You Want It Girls on Film: Secretary
Goteki: Unlimited Lives (Retroist Remix) VooDou: 104
Hanzel und Gretyl: Kaiser von Shizer Ikon: Subversion (Live)
Jarboe: The Believers Into the Fray: Is Lust the Answer?
Kuma: Peel Juno Reactor: Angels and Men
Legion Within: Dream Carny Laibach: Now You Will Pay
Living with Eating Disorders: Arm Live Not on Evil: Dead Eyes
Maya Hyena: On My Own LTNO: Sea, Sex & Burn
Of Infinity: Shadow of a Lie Otto's Daughter: Lovesong
Manhattan Love Suicides:
Liberty Bell Stranger
Screaming Banshee Aircrew:
Creepy Crawly
Philler: Comfort of a Stranger Phantom Vision: Caged Melody
Pzychobitch: The Day After Psyche: 15 Minutes
Rachel Stamp: Black Cherry Qntal: Am Morgen Fruo
Revolver Modele: Silhouettes Razor Blade Kisses: No Strings Attached
Skeleteen: Thank You, Goodbye Skintrade: Bulemic (Remix)
SMP: Slag Swarf: Motion
The Sins: Rivers The Quantum Dots: Where I Am Nothing
The Retrosic: Total War Tin Omen: Forbidden
The Ghost of Lemora:
The Ground Beneath Our Feet
The Cruxshadows:
Cassandra (Ego Likeness Remix)
Todesbonden: March of the Cicadas Twenty Ripped Angel: Horror Ride
Tristania: Cure Voltaire: Welcome to the World
VNV Nation: Circling Overhead Wednesday's Child: Love My Way
Waterproof Blonde: Tackle Queen Zentriert Ins Antlitz: Un Nouveau Debut
T.Raumschmiere: I'm Not Deaf, I'm Ignoring You

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