Radio Free Abattoir 6.09 - June 2005 / RFA DJ: SamSam

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Bloodwire: Transformation
Bloodwire: Overdue <<Buy MP3!>> US/CA
Twenty Ripped Angel: The Other Side of Me US/MD
LTNO: Inflatable Idol FR
Cut: Edison IT
Age of Reason: Revolting Beast UK
Freudstein: Shadows <<Buy MP3!>> UK
Effcee: Israel US/CA
The Invincible Sex: Red Glow Horizon DE
Neotek: Suicide DK
Concept 7: Subversion UK
Reincarnationfish: A Study in Duality UK
Misnomer: Start the Machine Up UK
Illegal Teenage Bikini: I Am Not Job US/FL
Analog Missionary: Oceans of Sorrow US/AL
Jarboe: Still Love US/GA
Twenty Ripped Angel: She Died a Virgin US/MD
The Dead Sexy, Inc.: I Need a Love FR
The Invincible Spirit: Deeper DE
Virtual Space Industrial: Holy Children PL
The Fair Sex: The Naked & The Dead
(21st Century Mix)
Twenty Ripped Angel: Days Full of Night
Freudstein: Mondo Freudo
Illegal Teenage Bikini: I Am Not Job
The Invincible Sex

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