Radio Free Abattoir 6.08 - June 2005 / RFA DJ: Mar

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Enc0der: Experiment (EP)
enc0der: The Outsider <<Buy MP3!>> US/NC
Carfax Abbey: Losing Face US/PA
Her Next Friend: Isolde US/VA
Faetal: Liquid Hate UK
Velvetron: Necrosis <<Buy MP3!>> IE
Spanking Machine: Emotional Vampire DE
Xandria: Some Like It Cold DE
Pro-jekt: Bloodstream UK
Haujobb: Perpetual Motion DE
Siva Six: Nihil Before Me GR
Analog Missionary: Open Star US/AL
Dreamchild: Salome US/UT
Les Anges de la Nuit: Promise US/FL
Carfax Abbey: Second Skin
Her Next Friend: Her Next Friend (EP) Faetal: Sic
Spanking Machine: Now Lie in It Xandria: Ravenheart

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