Radio Free Abattoir 6.06 - May 2005

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Haitian Hate Gods
Voodou: Call to Arms US/NC
Hocico: Love Posing as a Prostitute MX
I:SCINTILLA: Havestar <<Buy MP3!>> US/IL
The Sins: Angels US/WA
Bleak Track: Starting to Dream US/CA
Android Lust: Refuse (Acoustic Version) US/NY
X-VorteX: Asi <<Buy MP3!>> US/FL
The Plastic Fantastics: God Damn Radio US/NY
The Last Dance: Desperately Still US/CA
New Skin: This Show UK
Concrete Blonde: True to This US/CA
Kuma: Anger's Suicide US/WA
Skeleteen: Lovestruck US/CA
Tin Omen: Past System Control UK
Assemblage 23: Consequence CA
Manhattan Love Suicides: Radio Station CA
XP8: Straight Down IT
Jarboe: This Is Life US/GA
Queen Mary: Come US/FL
Qntal: Maiden to the Mor DE
Pzychobitch: Breakdown DE
Jill Tracy: The Fine Art of Poisoning US/CA
X-VorteX: X-VorteX
I:SCINTILLA: The Approach Kuma: Fast Colliding
Jill Tracy: Diabolic Streak The Last Dance: Reflections of Rage
XP8: Forgive(n) The Plastic Fantastics
Bleak Track: Starting to Dream Android Lust: Stripped & Stitched

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