Radio Free Abattoir 6.04 - April 2005

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Kuma: Fast Colliding
Kuma: Melodic Interlude US/WA
Rachel Stamp: Les Oceans de Venus UK
Lilac Ambush: Virtual <<Buy MP3!>> US/MA
Revolver Modele: Audience US/MN
Hanzel und Gretyl: Blut! Sex! Fire! DE
Eisbrecher: Willkommen im Nichts DE
Tin Omen: Silent Scream UK
The Cruxshadows: Love and Hatred (Neuroactive Remix) US/FL
Otto's Daughter: Einz Zwei Drei US/CA
The Ghost of Lemora: Beauty Can't Die UK
Android Lust: Another Void
(Queen Wasp) (Remix by Entropy)
Earth Loop Recall: Remember Me UK
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Damn Swan! US/CA
Jarboe: Red US/GA
Juno Reactor: Navras UK
Rachel Stamp: Oceans of Venus
Lilac Ambush: Arsenal Hanzel und Gretyl: Scheissmessiah!
Otto's Daughter: Void of Course Android Lust: Stripped & Stitched
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Halo Star The Ghost of Lemora: Reach to the Ground

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