Radio Free Abattoir 6.03 - April 2005

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Twenty Ripped Angel: Days Full of Night
Twenty Ripped Angel: On the Way to Hell US/MD
I:SCINTILLA: Scin <<Buy MP3!>> US/IL
:wumpscut: Rush DE
Attrition: Two Gods UK
Mercurine: Nu Groove US/CA
Assemblage 23: Apart CA
Lilac Ambush: Tension (Blue Sky Mix) US/MA
Fashionista: My Only Joy US/FL
Miss T & the Japanese Tourists:
Smother Me Gently
<<Buy MP3!>>
Screaming Banshee Aircrew:
Hello Mister Hyde
Bella Morte: The Stranger US/VA
Hatred Hurt Itself: Me & My Machine UK
Deita Klaus: Bloody Kisses US/CA
Rome Burns: The Nexus UK
Savior Sect: Sweet Envy US/PA
Wench: Damnation US/CA
Attrition: 'Andante' UK
I:SCINTILLA: The Approach
:wumpscut: -- Evoke Attrition: Dante's Kitchen
Mercurine: Waiting for Another Fall Screaming Banshee Aircrew: Fishnet Messiah
Lilac Ambush: Arsenal Miss T & the Japanese Tourists: Killing Me

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