Radio Free Abattoir 6.01 - February 2005

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Android Lust: Stripped and Stitched
Into the Fray: Season of Ice
Android Lust: Sin
Earth Loop Recall: Please Stop Hurting Me
Phantom Vision: In My Head
Formula Redux: Kiss Lover
Butterfly Messiah: Nothing to Lose
Cell Division: Skin Fetish
New Skin: Cherry Flowers & Bedroom Songs
(Soil & Eclipse Mix)
Living with Eating Disorders: Death & Sequins
L'Ame Immortelle: Forgive Me
Tin Omen: Gone
Avoidance of Doubt: Fantasy & Insanity
Rachel Stamp: Honey
Bella Morte: All I Have
Live Not on Evil: Love You to Death <<BUY MP3!>>
9xdead: Wild Women
Razor Blade Kisses: Deadly Yours
Voltaire: Lovesong
phoenix/NEBULIN: She Bop (Live) *
Wednesday's Child: Crazy on You
Battery: Aftermath (Slave Unit Remix)
Death by Visitation of God: Twitch
Living with Eating Disorders: Selling Self Hate style=
Phantom Vision: Calling the Fiends style= Rachel Stamp: Honey/Queens of the Universe (single)
Formula Redux: Altered States style= Bella Morte: Songs for the Dead style=
Cell Division: Tsunami style= 9xdead: Dead, but Dying

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please let them know where you found them!

* Track no longer available. Consult the FAQ.

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