Radio Free Abattoir 5.10 - December 2004
The 2nd Florida Showcase!

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Wednesday's Child
phoenix/NEBULIN: Fragments *
Butterfly Messiah: Aeon
My Own Sin:  Break
Feeling Numb: Church
Ginger Snapped: Space Madness
Fashionista: Lines
Skintrade: Moment
Brighid Aura: Fallen Flame
Formula Redux: Water
Wednesday's Child: Let Me In <<BUY MP3!>>
Unbecoming: Till You
Curse Icon: Broken
Lucid Fly: Center of Your Space
Girls on Film: Love Robot
Deadstar Assembly: Normal
Dance Planet X (DPX): Dreamland
The Cruxshadows: Edge of the World
Alice's Wonder: Children of the Silence
The Synthetic Dream Foundation: Stargazer
Karma: Hey Mister
I Digress: Justice
E.S.P.: It's too Late
Ask Me Later: Mind Screw
The Yoko Theory: Tippy Toe
phoenix/NEBULIN: Signal (Live) *
The Numb Ones: Everything In Between
(Razed in Black Remix)
EversincevE: See Through Soul (Keyboards Mix)
The Cruxshadows: Citadel (Iris Remix)
Brighid Aura: Karma (Nebulin Remix)
Wednesday's Child: Love My Way
phoenix/NEBULIN: Don't You (Forget About Me) *
Brighid Aura: Mysterious Ways
Deadstar Assembly: Send Me an Angel
The Numb Ones: Just What I Needed
Dance Planet X (DPX): The End <<BUY MP3!>>
Butterfly Messiah: Eternal
Fashionista: 40 Seconds
DPX: Chasing the White Rabbit
Karma: Seven Songs
Brighid Aura: Between Two Worlds
Formula Redux: Altered States

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* Track no longer available. Consult the FAQ.

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