Radio Free Abattoir 5.09 - December 2004

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Formula Redux: Altered States
Formula Redux: Deception
Legion Within: Cover Me (KMFDM Remix)
Tin Omen: Addiction
Cell Division: Hypnotized
Frank the Baptist: All the Faces
Devilish Presley: Hammer Horror Glamour
Rachel Stamp: I Wanna' Be Your Doll
Live Not on Evil: End of Time
Otto's Daughter: Miss You
phoenix/NEBULIN: Mute *
Racermason: Petals
Skintrade: Bulimic
Android Lust: Burn (Acoustic)
Voltaire: Hallo Elskan Min
Bella Morte: Untitled
Devilish Presley: Hammer Horror Glamour
Legion Within: Aeons Rachel Stamp: Hymns for Strange Children
Cell Division: Tsunami Live Not on Evil: Next Time Nail It Shut
Frank the Baptist: Beggars Would Ride Otto's Daughter: Void of Course

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* Track no longer available. Consult the FAQ.

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