Radio Free Abattoir 5.07 - October 2004
The 2004 Halloween Special!

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Diamanda Galas: La Serpenta Canta
Diamanda Galas: Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down (Live)
45 Grave: Partytime (Zombie Version)
Scary Bitches: There's a Lycanthrope on the Bus
Collide: The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
9xdead: Vampyre 143
Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting (Live)
Ego Likeness: Water to the Dead
Ikon: Psychic Vampire (SMS Extended Mix)
Hanzel und Gretyl: Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah
Into the Fray: Voodoo Lullaby
Freudstein: Shadows
Pitbull Daycare: You Make Me Feel So Dead
SMP: Bloodstains
Bella Morte: Dead Will Walk
Bleak Track: Decomposing Love
The Cramps: Surfin' Dead
Live Not on Evil: The Scary Polka
Rachel Stamp: Dead Girl
Type O Negative: Black No. 1 (Live)
Deita Klaus: Vampire
Switchblade Symphony: Witches (Live)
The Sins: The Fallen
The Immortal Chorus: Immortality
Maya Hyena: Haunting
Kooper Kain: 80 Years of Dirt
Otto's Daughter: Devil's Paradise
Fockewolf: Creamatoria
The Cruxshadows: Purgatory
Godhead: Bela Lugosi's Dead
Pzychobitch: Nightmare
Freudstein: Mark of the Devil <<BUY MP3!>>
LTNO: Lucifer Rising
Coph Nia: Stigmata Martyr
Ordo Rosarius Euilibrio: Eucharist Liturgy of 6
Dawn Desiree: Waltz of the Afterlife
Hanzel und Gretyl: Hellalujah
Christopher Walken: The Raven
Scary Bitches: Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space
Collide: Vortex
Ego Likeness: Water to the Dead
Ikon: "Psychic Vampire" Single
SMP: Crimes of the Future
Bella Morte: As the Reasons Die
Hanzel und Gretyl: ScheissMessiah

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