Radio Free Abattoir 5.06 - October 2004

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Avoidance of Doubt: Science of the Mind
Avoidance of Doubt: I'm Still Breathing <<BUY MP3!>>
Ego Likeness: 16 Miles
phoenix/NEBULIN: Time *
Curse Icon: Down
L'Ame Immortelle: Judgement
Wednesday's Child:
Hand of Conspiracy
<<BUY MP3!>>
The Retrosic: The Storm
Into the Fray: Supernatural Love Affair
Zentriert ins Antiltz: Svarnetik
Eisbrecher: Fanatica
Pzychobitch: Fitter than You (vs. Hanin Elias)
Otto's Daughter: Maskenball
The Cruxshadows: Love and Hatred
Distorted Reality: Fever
Dance Planet X (DPX): Transcribe <<BUY MP3!>>
Dawn Desiree: Feel Me
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Already Forgotten
Waterglass: Forget Myself
Brighid Aura: The Child in the Glass
Collide: Crushed (Now Forgotten Mix) <<BUY MP3!>>
Unbecoming: Alone
Ikon: Blue Snow, Red Rain (Unreleased Version)
Morgana's Kiss: Inner Spark
Phantom Vision: More Than Than
The Immortal Chorus: Haunted Galleon
Scary Bitches: You'll End Up Looking like the Scary Bitches
Lunarclick: Pretend
Tapping the Vein: Broken
Age of Reason: Killing Time
Cut: Edison (Live)
Concrete Blonde: Because I Can
Type O Negative: Anesthesia
The Yoko Theory: Telefiction
Pzychobitch: The Day After
phoenix/NEBULIN: Distanza
Otto's Daughter
Wednesday's Child
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Halo Star
Into the Fray: Supernatural Love Affair
Brighid Aura: Between Two Worlds

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* Track no longer available. Consult the FAQ.

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