Radio Free Abattoir 5.05 - September 2004

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Laibach: Wat
Laibach: B Mashina
Eisbrecher: Herz Steht Still
T.Raumschmiere (featuring Miss Kitten): The Game Is Not Over
Zentriert ins Antiltz: Prophecy (Extended Club Mix)
Client: In It for the Money (Client vs. The Zip Remix)
Dance Planet X:
Mercifully (Irygirl Dance Music Remix)
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Pzychobitch: Sweet Kiss
Living with Eating Disorders: Horsemilk <<BUY MP3!>>
Audioplug: Daybreak
Into the Fray: Luster <<BUY MP3!>>
Phantom Vision: From a Stranger
Scary Bitches:
Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space
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Psychophile: Mirrors
Razor Blade Kisses: Ballerina
9xdead: Lucy
Maya Hyena: Stark
Feeling Numb: Artificial Happiness
Concrete Blonde: My Tornado at Rest
Battery: Dream3
phoenix/NEBULIN: Voce de la Luna *
Kuma: Bottled Dreams
Brighid Aura: Karma
Lunarclick: Hey You
Jarboe: The Never-Deserting Shadow
Qntal: Name der Rose
Ego Likeness: Axis
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: Already Forgotten
Plastikman: Disconnect
The Retrosic: Elysium
The Creatures: Utsu1
Pzychobitch: The Day After
Living with Eating Disorders: White like Snow
Into the Fray: Supernatural Love Affair
Phantom Vision: From a Stranger
Concrete Blonde: Mojave
Brighid Aura: Between Two Worlds

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* Track no longer available. Consult the FAQ.

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