Radio Free Abattoir 5.04 - August 2004
The 1st Florida Showcase!

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Wednesday's Child:
Click, Click & Crash
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phoenix/NEBULIN: Acid Bath *
Deadstar Assembly: Fucked (Just like You)
Incode: Perfect
Brighid Aura: You Should
Karma: And And And
I Digress: Delicate
Skintrade: Good Enough
Lucid Fly: Blind
Curse Icon: Skin of Lies
Butterfly Messiah: Ascension
phoenix/NEBULIN: Inconsequential
(Acoustic Version - Live)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation:
It's Too Late (Apparitions Mix)
Ingrown: Sometimes My Tits Are Natural
The Yoko Theory: Maniacal

Ask Me Later: Got to Get Over It

Karma: Seven Songs
Butterfly Messiah: Eternal
Wednesday's Child: Wedensday's Child
Brighid Aura: Between Two Worlds

After living for nearly ten years in London, I settled in Miami Beach, Florida in April, 2004. Miami and South Florida are not well known for producing musical talent or for having a good alternative or rock scene, but this webcast will hopefully introduce you to some of the artists residing in my new home state. Most are from the SoFla region, a few are friends of mine, and some aren't "Gothic" at all; but, they are all very talented, proving that just because you don't hear about good music coming from Florida doesn't mean that there isn't any.

If you contact any band after first hearing them on RFA,
please let them know where you found them!

* Track no longer available. Consult the FAQ.

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