Radio Free Abattoir 5.02 - July 2004

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Kuma: That Moment of Silence Before a Disaster
Kuma: Agatha <<BUY MP3!>>
Razor Blade Kisses:
Lure of the Temptress
<<BUY MP3!>>
History of Guns: Skin Can't Breathe
Leiahdorus: Jupiter (DJ Introvert 1159 Mix)
Butterfly Messiah: Counterstrike
Psychophile: Surplus
Ikon: Ghost in My Head (New Version)
Devilish Presley: Naked Testament
Cell Division: Limetrip
Excession: Vapid
Dawn Desiree: Plastic Girl
Body Armour: Tears Demonkiss
Distorted Reality: Super Crush
Rector Scanner: Fieber
Flesh Resonance: Reaper
The Sepia: Polaris D
Butterfly Messiah: Eternal
Devilish Presley: Disgraceland Psychophile: Transition
Cell Division: Tsunami Distorted Reality: The Fine Line Between Love & Hate
Dawn Desiree: Dancing Dreaming Longing History of Guns: History of Guns

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