Radio Free Abattoir 4.02 - December 2003

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Devilish Presley: Disgraceland
Devilish Presley: Cover Version
Cell Division: Fingerprints << BUY MP3! >>
Morgana's Kiss: No Sense of Wisdom
The Sepia: Venom
Rector Scanner: World Wide Web
Miss T & the Japanese Tourists: Crawling
The Cruxshadows: Into the Ether
The Dreamside: Nuda Veritas
Ikon: Fall Apart (New Version)
Clan of Xymox: Cold Damp Day
Excession: Aurora Borealis
Sleeping Pictures: Horns of Plenty
Killing Miranda: Angelfly
Misnomer: Target: London
Collide: Wings of Steel
Devilish Presley: The Message
Closterkeller: Violette (English Version)
Xandria: Kill the Sun
Seventh Harmonic: A Ship, Dreaming
The Cruxshadows: Cassandra
Savior Sect: The Flies
The Dreamside: Fear of Being
Ikon: The Golden Dawn
Excession: It's a Sin
The Breath of Life: Into the Flames (Live Acoustic Version)
Morgana's Kiss: Out of Focus
Rector Scanner: (Untitled)
Cell Division: Tsunami
The Dreamside: Faery Child Rector Scanner: Vocoder
Xandria: Kill the Sun Ikon: From Angels to Ashes
Collide: Chasing the Ghost The Cruxshadows: Ethernaut

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